A mortgage brand worth the investment


Business is built on trust and relationships – especially when it involves financial well-being, retirement, and families. With their client base growing, in an industry that is rapidly changing, Broker Solutions Group realised their brand was no longer keeping up with their business. Notewell was asked to help connect their culture to their identity.


For as much confusion as there is about the nuances of mortgage brokering and home loans, there is also quite a bit of sameness, making it truly difficult for some to understand what’s different from one firm to another. Our first step was to identify what made Broker Solutions Group unique, and understand what sets their team apart.

We created a fresh toolkit of visual brand language designed to truly reflect the professionalism and intelligence of the business. A new identity with a modern edge is established through the use of well-spaced and friendly sans-serif, the oversized geometric shapes and symbols and pairing with a vibrant green and black colour palette. When unified with friendly, witty copy and uncluttered mono photography it paints the picture of a modern financial powerhouse with the gravitas of a top tier organisation.


– brand guidelines
– brochure
– stationery
– advertising
– signage