A luxury brokerage at the top of its class


Kesytone Realtors were looking to update their brand to better reflect the high-end niche areas of Sydney they represent. They wanted to change their existing logo and update all colours, fonts and existing brand assets to forge a refreshed brand that was simple, memorable, and iconic.


We felt the industry had yet to define a premium consumer brokerage brand that spoke to a modern high-end home buyer. Steering away from the bright garish colours of other brokers, we felt a restricted palette of black and white would create a more complex, nuanced brand that would work well with photography and allow us to bring in any colour later. In an industry where great photography is the hero, we already had a rich palette for the vast majority of use cases. In application, things are kept quite simple and elegant and all the elements are there to serve the listings and nothing more.

Leveraging off the existing angled line within the logo, the forward facing stripe is introduced across branded collateral to create a memorable mark. It is dynamic, agile and creates a feel of positive forward growth, all notions that tie in nicely to the real estate market. White space,an emphasis on sparse photography and the modern pared back avant-garde font, help to create a look that is modern, fresh and refined. Laser cut matte premium paper brochures and embossed leather compendiums further enhance the feel of the brand as a luxury brokerage at the top of its class. Overall the new brand stands apart from its competitors as refined, understated and sophisticated. A confident breath of fresh air in a cluttered marketplace.


– brand guidelines
– stationery
– brochures
– advertisements
– signage
– website